Why Take It Out On Your Animals?

Why oh why do people take out their frustrations out on their animals?

Why in heavens name would you do this to your cat? Why make them the butt end of the jokes in the neighborhood? Why make all the other cats and dogs especially, talk behind their backs?

What if your cat could turn things around and say they get to dress you for a day? What do you think your pet would do? Yeah, why don’t you think about that before you dress your animal in some STUPID outfit that even a dead cat wouldn’t be found (well dead in).

We Always Want What We Can’t Have

Why is it, we always want what we can’t have?  We want chocolate when we are on a diet, we want someone else’s husband because our pisses us off.  What about the 20 year old hottie with the hot pants that always says hi to you at the coffee shop?  Yeah, buddy get a grip she will never look at you again when you ain’t dropping that giant tip in her jar!!

Anyway, if you have noticed Blogdumps has been down for the past 2 weeks and it has almost killed me! Because I could not blog, I JUST HAD TO BLOG!!!  I wanted nothing else in life, not food, not sex, no shower, nothing could easy the pain, all I needed was to blog!!  Because? I could not do it!

It was a very difficult 2 weeks there is no doubt.  2 weeks is actually a long time, it is a longer time in a dogs life or even longer in a guinea pigs life, but still it was a long time.

I don’t think I want to go through that again.  I need my blogs, all 206 of them that I think I own… okay so it may not be that many but that is how many I want ot have.  So, I will probably never accomplish that feat either. Oh well.  Back to Blogging on my other 205 sites.

Why Would Women Do This?

I saw the following on the website Makeup and Beyond

Strange, Weird, and Wonderful
Beauty Secrets of the Past and Present

“I can just hear it now…. Here dear, Got Acne? Slap on some Escargo or Snail Slime on your face….

I’m sure teenagers would love mom handing them a jar of snail slime for their acne. They may not use it on themselves; but instead use it to torture little Johnny for telling his best friend that her best friend said… (if you work with 6th graders you will understand the little Johnny comment).

Snail slime skin and facial products, found most often in natural skin care products, are created with a substance left behind by the Helix Aspersa Muller garden snail. Yes! It is escargo for the face! This trailing substance left behind (slime) is gathered and used in products as an antibiotic for skin infections, including acne. If you have heard of or tried a product made with snail slime, let us know your thoughts.”

Here is my thought on this…. WHY?  Why would anyone do this?  Why would anybody even know this?  Who is the idiot that decided to research this?  Did our government fund this research and if so, I want my money back!!

WHY??????  I don’t get!!!

Why Do Kids Think They Deserve Anything?

Oh boy, this is one of my favorites, I will do this one to death!  But, let’s look at the Christmas scenerio!  Why is it for the last several month I have heard kids say “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.  Kid says, “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.  ids say “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.  Kid says, “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.

This fricking scenerio goes on forever…. what the hell is wrong with parents?  My mom or dad said no ONCE!  I don’t know what would have happened had we ever asked a second time… we just never went there!

You do know at the end of this child back and forth with the mother, eventually the mommy buys what it was the kids was asking for!


Why am I Afraid of the Dentist?

Why have I always been afraid of the dentist? Apparently I don’t go to the right dentist. I am going to call David and find out where his dentist is!

Why ruin my Thanksgiving?

Why?  Why?  Why?   How could someone be so cruel as to ruin my Thanksgiving by sending me this picture?  I NEVER KNEW…. that is how pumpkin pie was made!!



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