Mother at 70!!!!!

A few days ago the Hindustan Times reported that Rajo Devi, a 70 year old Indian woman gave birth to a baby girl, becoming the world’s oldest woman to birth a child. Ms. Devi and her husband, age 72, used in vitro fertilization.


When your kid graduates grade school…. if they have grade school like us, I don’t even know…. but let’s just say… to see your kid turn 13 years old, you will 83 years old, your husband will be 85 years old.

I get tired watching my nieces and nephews who are still 10 and 12, they exhaust me and I am only 50 years old.  I need a long nap after the little buggers leave me, usually it is a two day nap!!!  What the hell is a 70 year old going to do with 2hr feedings?  Hell can they even hear when the baby cries?  Can they see the kid or is cataracts taking over?

I don’t begrudge anybody anything they want to do if it is legal, I just got to ask WHY, would you want to do this?????

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