Why Do Christmas Lights Hate Us?

I know it is an age old question, but, why do Christmas lights hate us?  I mean this question goes back to Donald Duck days when I was young and he faught the Christmas lights of old and still years later, they hate us.

Is it because we shut them away in dark places for a year, never talking to them, never seeing if they might just want something?  Is it just a mean streak they are born with? Is it just a few bad Christmas Lights that make all the other Christmas lights look bad?

Or maybe it is something deeper?  Something we have never thought of, maybe Christmas light really aren’t Christmas lights at all!  Maybe they are actually Atheists lights.  Boy, would that be grounds for a law suit!?!?!

You putting up Atheist lights and making them conform to your Christmas ways!!!  Maybe that is why they hate us?  Maybe one day all the uh hum…. Atheist lights are going to get together and start an up hevel?

Obviously by the Donald Duck picture, I think they could do it!  Wow…. something new to keep me up at night!  What if I am going to be sued because I put up Christmas lights (or Atheist lights) at Christmas time.

What my lights usually look like!  Why do they hate me?

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