Why Fruitcake?

Why? It seems that the same fruitcake is still floating around since 1840. I have NEVER once seen anyone actually eat a fruitcake, I have just seen them given as gifts, you know, for office parties, for someone who you “have to” give a gift to but actually don’t know them and don’t know why you “have to” give them a gift.

It is much like a twinkie, it will last forever and probably has, because like I said, I have NEVER actually seen anyone eat a fruitcake, ever!! Has anyone known someone who likes fruitcake? Is there something wrong with that person? I mean, like do they also eat food that has fallen on the floor and then yell something about the “3 second rule” and gobble up the fallen food? Then I guess I would understand their enjoyment of fruitcake also.

I just don’t really get the whole fruitcake thing, not fruit, not cake, not alcohol really, what is the point? Give me a bottle of vodka and a piece of chocolate cake and then we can talk, until then, get rid of this ridiculous fruitcake crap!

Forget the damn fruitcake …. give a Blow up version of fruitcake this year, it keeps on giving year after year. Make it a tradition to pass on this inflatable little goodie during the holiday season.

Inflatable Fruitcake

Inflatable Fruitcake

One Response to “Why Fruitcake?”

  1. Oh, All the food this time of year…

    But Fruit Cake…Yuck!

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