When Is Christmas Over?

Why is it we start getting ready for Christmas now in August, but, the day after Christmas Day, IT IS OVER!  BAM, turn off the lights, radio stations stop playing Christmas music, people stop saying “Merry Christmas” to you.

I don’t get it!  It is okay to start putting up your lights and trees, and buying your presents 4 months before Christmas but then the day after the actual date, DONE!  Can’t we ease our way out of Christmas?

Does it really have to end so abruptly?  What is that all about any way?  Are people just so tired of Christmas because they have had it shoved down their throats for 4 or 5 months now, that they want it over?

Shouldn’t Christmas last at least until the New Year?  Can’t we just slowly transition from one holiday to the other and then you just kind of forget about Christmas and move to the next Holiday?  I just don’t get this Christmas over in one day thing?  Someone help me here, am I wrong?

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