March Madness

I believe that is a very good name for all of this hoopla! Let’s look at it, March Madness!

Seemingly normal people with good jobs are willing to watch a basketball game on their computers from work! People who have NEVER once watched one of these college games before are now watching every minute that they can and risking their careers to do it.

Women, who couldn’t give a damn about any sport are now hanging out at the local pub with everybody else, jumping up and down and spilling beer on their work clothes… why? Because everybody else is doing it and it is fun to jump up and down and spill beer on your clothes! (I guess)

Some how, they have taken the Superbowl and made it into a MONTH long celebration just for celebrations sake. It is kind of like being in New Orleans, where every day is some kind of festival or celebration, again just for the sake of being able to drink and jump up and down.

Thank heavens we don’t have to do this more than once a year! What if they had January Jubilations for Hockey, or February Festivious for Volleyball, we would be drunk for 3 months straight. No one would have clothes to wear any more because they keep spilling beer all over them, every time some team scores something!

Why suddenly is everybody a basketball fan in March anyway? I know tons of people who have NEVER watched a basketball in their entire lives and then must watch every game during March Madness, what is wrong with these people? I don’t get it. Is March really that dull and boring?

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