Will Women Go Out With You if You Make Them Laugh

Okay so there is this book out that says it can guarantee you a date if you can just make women laugh?  It is called surprisingly Make Women Laugh” go figure huh?  Catchy name, but it states that this book is “jam-packed with specific tricks and techniques that can create instant results. I’ll show you exactly how to make any woman laugh whenever and wherever you like.”

Are we really that easy?  Then what the hell is wrong with you guys?  You have been saying how complicated women are and all along… all you had to do was make us laugh!  You idiots, how hard is that!!??

Well, I don’t know about this book, how much can you write about making women laugh?  Find some of your best jokes, head to the bar and find the woman of your dreams!  Hmmm.. you say you tried that and it hasn’t worked so well for you?  Maybe your jokes suck!

So my question here is…. WHY would this book have any success helping Mr Lamo actually come up with something funny to say?  I would love to hear from anyone who has read this book and let me know if it has actually helped you pick up girls.

Let me know, I am waiting for a good laugh! 😆  I might buy a few hundred of these books and hand it out to all the Mr Lamo’s I know.

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