Why Take It Out On Your Animals?

Why oh why do people take out their frustrations out on their animals? Why in heavens name would you do this to your cat? Why make them the butt end of the jokes in the neighborhood? Why make all the other cats and dogs especially, talk behind their backs? What if your cat could turn […]

We Always Want What We Can’t Have

Why is it, we always want what we can’t have?  We want chocolate when we are on a diet, we want someone else’s husband because our pisses us off.  What about the 20 year old hottie with the hot pants that always says hi to you at the coffee shop?  Yeah, buddy get a grip […]

Why Would Women Do This?

I saw the following on the website Makeup and Beyond Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Beauty Secrets of the Past and Present “I can just hear it now…. Here dear, Got Acne? Slap on some Escargo or Snail Slime on your face…. I’m sure teenagers would love mom handing them a jar of snail slime for their acne. They […]

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