Why Take It Out On Your Animals?

Why oh why do people take out their frustrations out on their animals? Why in heavens name would you do this to your cat? Why make them the butt end of the jokes in the neighborhood? Why make all the other cats and dogs especially, talk behind their backs? What if your cat could turn […]

Turkey Testicle Festival

Got any leftovers from Thanksgiving?  What do you do with them?  Well, in Huntley, IL they know what to do with all the parts no one else wants!! Why, I don’t know?  There are plenty of good parts on the Turkey so why you would need to it the turkeys nuts is just one I […]

Coolest Horse Ever

Why didn’t I ever get a horse like this when I was a kid?  Heck how come I never got a horse at all when I was kid?  I was an abused kid, I never got anything cool!!?!  Okay that is not true, but I still never got a horse!

Why Kids Should Have Pets

It is simple, every kids should have a pet. They are good for kids, they keep them occupied and out of trouble. Don’t believe me, well just watch this!

Redneck Doorbell

Why would you make your doorbell like this?? Unless of course you do not want anyone to come to your door. Now we all know this is a dead animal but still would you be willing to press the door bell? I am not sure I could do it…. just something a little weird about […]

Idiot of the Week

Did this boy get dropped on his head when he was a baby? This has to be one of the dumbest people on the earth! I hope that this person is not reproducing, because I am sure the gene pool in his family is polluted!

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