Why ruin my Thanksgiving?

Why?  Why?  Why?   How could someone be so cruel as to ruin my Thanksgiving by sending me this picture?  I NEVER KNEW…. that is how pumpkin pie was made!!  

Turkey Testicle Festival

Got any leftovers from Thanksgiving?  What do you do with them?  Well, in Huntley, IL they know what to do with all the parts no one else wants!! Why, I don’t know?  There are plenty of good parts on the Turkey so why you would need to it the turkeys nuts is just one I […]

Another Failure

Hmmm…. do people actually think before they do some things? Like these cute little lighthouses! Really, is that what you see here… because I may just have to get my mind out of the gutter but, I am not feeding my kids these cute little lighthouses!!!!

Why Fruitcake?

Why? It seems that the same fruitcake is still floating around since 1840. I have NEVER once seen anyone actually eat a fruitcake, I have just seen them given as gifts, you know, for office parties, for someone who you “have to” give a gift to but actually don’t know them and don’t know why […]

How to Open a Watermelon?

All I can say here is WHY????  WHY????  WHY????  Why in gods name would anybody even think of doing this? How to Smash Watermelons – Watch more Free Videos Life is too short not to laugh, so come on in to Stupid.com

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