Why Do Kids Think They Deserve Anything?

Oh boy, this is one of my favorites, I will do this one to death!  But, let’s look at the Christmas scenerio!  Why is it for the last several month I have heard kids say “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.  Kid says, “mommy will you buy me this?”  Mommy says “no”.  […]

Why am I Afraid of the Dentist?

Why have I always been afraid of the dentist? Apparently I don’t go to the right dentist. I am going to call David and find out where his dentist is!

Why Kids Should Have Pets

It is simple, every kids should have a pet. They are good for kids, they keep them occupied and out of trouble. Don’t believe me, well just watch this!

National Sex Offender Registry

This is something every family needs to know about… this is no laughing matter. There is a website out there called Family Watch Dog and it will show you exactly where registered sex offenders are living in your neighborhood! You might just be surprised to find out how close some of these people are to […]

Have You Seen The Evian Commerical

Okay, if you haven’t seen this one yet…. it is too cool. How do they do this stuff? Graphics people floor me, I have no idea how you could ever come up with these ideas and then put them into place and actually make it look (almost) real. Very cool, just watch and enjoy!

Why Do They Have Kids?

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