Eyeball Tattoo

Okay, I have had some interesting tattoos here, most just leave me speechless, wondering why in heavens name they would do that and how will they explain what they have done to their grandchildren but, but this…… eyeball tattoo……. this leaves me wondering what the FUCK is wrong with you!?!?! A man in Toronto is […]

More Crazy Tattoo Pictures

Anybody who has read this blog knows I am obsessed with tattoos and how crazy people get with them.  But, this one…. this one…. it is about the craziest thing I have ever seen in a tattoo…. even the eyeball tattoo was not quiet as crazy as this one…… tell me what you think.  Which […]

Why Would You Want To Look Like This?

Why would someone purposely do this to themselves? Do they hate themselves so much that they are willing to take the criticism, hatred, fear they invoke in people? Do they truly believe that they look good like this? Do they think this is cool? I am totally at a lose as to why any one […]

Another Interesting Tattoo

Why oh why??? I have seen some interesting tattoos in my life but this one probably tops them all. Just how do you explain this to your grand kids or great grand kids as a matter of fact?

Tattoos, Why?

I don’t get it, really, tattoos.  Why?  I mean okay, you want one or two well placed tattoos that are not monsters and devils and snakes and dragons.  But come on… look at this SHIT… these are rediculous. What kind of jobs do these people have? What the hell do they think they will think […]

Why Angelina Jolie?

Why?  Why would you have a whole book tattooed on your arm? (look closely at her left arm)  Is that sexy?  Is it something to read after sex and you have nothing to say to each other?  Doesn’t he have it memorized by now? (oh sorry, we are talking about Brad Pitt here right? DUH!) […]

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