When Is Christmas Over?

Why is it we start getting ready for Christmas now in August, but, the day after Christmas Day, IT IS OVER!  BAM, turn off the lights, radio stations stop playing Christmas music, people stop saying “Merry Christmas” to you. I don’t get it!  It is okay to start putting up your lights and trees, and […]

Why Fruitcake?

Why? It seems that the same fruitcake is still floating around since 1840. I have NEVER once seen anyone actually eat a fruitcake, I have just seen them given as gifts, you know, for office parties, for someone who you “have to” give a gift to but actually don’t know them and don’t know why […]

Silent Monks Sing?

Why was our chorus never like this when I was growing up… I might have stayed in religion if they would have made it fun like this.

Why do They Stop and Stare?

What is wrong with the way I put up lights?  Nothing, that is what they do to themselves when they are in the box, so, if that is the way they want to go be, then that is the way they are going to be.

Why Do Christmas Lights Hate Us?

I know it is an age old question, but, why do Christmas lights hate us?  I mean this question goes back to Donald Duck days when I was young and he faught the Christmas lights of old and still years later, they hate us. Is it because we shut them away in dark places for […]

Merry Christmas

Why aren’t my dogs this smart? As a matter of fact… why don’t my dogs do anything other than eat, sleep and crap? I have defective dogs I think!

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