March Madness

I believe that is a very good name for all of this hoopla! Let’s look at it, March Madness! Seemingly normal people with good jobs are willing to watch a basketball game on their computers from work! People who have NEVER once watched one of these college games before are now watching every minute that […]

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

It happens to all of us I am sure… You’re driving along just minding your own business, when all of a sudden – without any warning, This Dick In A Truck pulls out right in front of you……WHY?

Does Everybody Have A Death Wish?

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people?  I ask myself this question a lot.  Today just driving a couple of miles I had 3 people pull out in front of me in their cars.  Two people I saw coming, they drove right through stop signs and had to turn in front of me!  What […]

Why We Should Not Keep Illegal Immigrants Here

Running stop light = $100.00 DUI = $5000.00 Not wearing a seat belt = $50.00 Putting you & your girlfriend on your fake drivers license = PRICELESS They are too STUPID to keep here!!!!

Why, Oh Why Robbie Madison?

Sorry You Tube pulled this video….. What kind of Frickin Crazy Person would do this???? Well, obviously Robbie Madison would, but who comes up with this stuff and WHY in the hell would you want to do this without a parachute???

Lady Drives Off, Tow Truck Attached!

This one doesn’t even need a WHY? We have all (okay, maybe not everyone, but I have) so wanted to do this at some point in our lives when we see our car being towed away by some big dumb monkey who just keeps saying “Lady I am just doing my job!”

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