Why am I Afraid of the Dentist?

Why have I always been afraid of the dentist? Apparently I don’t go to the right dentist. I am going to call David and find out where his dentist is!

Coolest Horse Ever

Why didn’t I ever get a horse like this when I was a kid?  Heck how come I never got a horse at all when I was kid?  I was an abused kid, I never got anything cool!!?!  Okay that is not true, but I still never got a horse!

National Sex Offender Registry

This is something every family needs to know about… this is no laughing matter. There is a website out there called Family Watch Dog and it will show you exactly where registered sex offenders are living in your neighborhood! You might just be surprised to find out how close some of these people are to […]

Loving Aunty???????

It is one sick world we live in…. why do I say so, why not just watch this video…. it will make you ask, “why”? Family love is a beautiful thing! I sure hope that Aunties purse didn’t burn up like those little children!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Do They Have Kids?

Another Interesting Tattoo

Why oh why??? I have seen some interesting tattoos in my life but this one probably tops them all. Just how do you explain this to your grand kids or great grand kids as a matter of fact?

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