Redneck Doorbell

Why would you make your doorbell like this?? Unless of course you do not want anyone to come to your door. Now we all know this is a dead animal but still would you be willing to press the door bell? I am not sure I could do it…. just something a little weird about […]

Eyeball Tattoo

Okay, I have had some interesting tattoos here, most just leave me speechless, wondering why in heavens name they would do that and how will they explain what they have done to their grandchildren but, but this…… eyeball tattoo……. this leaves me wondering what the FUCK is wrong with you!?!?! A man in Toronto is […]

Idiot of the Week

Did this boy get dropped on his head when he was a baby? This has to be one of the dumbest people on the earth! I hope that this person is not reproducing, because I am sure the gene pool in his family is polluted!

Why Would Women Do This…. Wondering Again

Comes under the list of WHY would a woman do this to herself?  Hell, it wouldn’t change anything if a man did it?  It is just plain STUPID!!!!  She literally has her mouth sewn shut!!!  Yeah, I know some of you husbands think this might be a good idea…. but really…. think again, would that […]

Halloween Wish

Why oh why? This just defies explanation! Why would a woman ever do this… maybe because her face isn’t showing… well sort of. Anyway, just wanted to wish everybody a Happy and Safe Halloween.

More Crazy Tattoo Pictures

Anybody who has read this blog knows I am obsessed with tattoos and how crazy people get with them.  But, this one…. this one…. it is about the craziest thing I have ever seen in a tattoo…. even the eyeball tattoo was not quiet as crazy as this one…… tell me what you think.  Which […]

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