Why Would Women Do This?

I saw the following on the website Makeup and Beyond Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Beauty Secrets of the Past and Present “I can just hear it now…. Here dear, Got Acne? Slap on some Escargo or Snail Slime on your face…. I’m sure teenagers would love mom handing them a jar of snail slime for their acne. They […]

Why Would Women Do This…. Wondering Again

Comes under the list of WHY would a woman do this to herself?  Hell, it wouldn’t change anything if a man did it?  It is just plain STUPID!!!!  She literally has her mouth sewn shut!!!  Yeah, I know some of you husbands think this might be a good idea…. but really…. think again, would that […]

Halloween Wish

Why oh why? This just defies explanation! Why would a woman ever do this… maybe because her face isn’t showing… well sort of. Anyway, just wanted to wish everybody a Happy and Safe Halloween.

How to Open a Watermelon?

All I can say here is WHY????  WHY????  WHY????  Why in gods name would anybody even think of doing this? How to Smash Watermelons – Watch more Free Videos Life is too short not to laugh, so come on in to Stupid.com

What will happen this coming year?

Wow, what a day! We have a new president. Amazing! What will the next 4 years be like? I don’t know but I am hopeful. I was impressed with his many speaches at the many balls that the Obama’s had to attend.  I think I liked the Neighborhood Ball the most of all. I am […]

Mother at 70!!!!!

A few days ago the Hindustan Times reported that Rajo Devi, a 70 year old Indian woman gave birth to a baby girl, becoming the world’s oldest woman to birth a child. Ms. Devi and her husband, age 72, used in vitro fertilization. WHY???? When your kid graduates grade school…. if they have grade school […]

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